Octavia Williams

Interim Executive Director/Operations Director/ Director of Programs

Octavia Williams is the Interim Executive Director, Director of Operations, Director of Programs for Mental Health America of Georgia, responsible for strategic direction, vision, growth and performance to support the Executive Director. As a seasoned professional with more than 20 years of healthcare experience, Octavia is known for driving growth, maximizing operational excellence, strategic planning, collaboration, leading projects and process improvements. She most recently served on Operations Management team for Amazon, where she led operations, production, developed teams, establish quality control standards, develop performance goals and targets to achieve customer demand and ensure accuracy and quality. Before that, Octavia acted as a contracted Clinic Administrator, where she was responsible for establishing policy and procedures, maintain the dignity of major contracts, hiring and developing staff, ensuring the safety for patients and staff of greater than 7,000 people, collaborating and developing regional partnerships that aligned with the goals of the company.

Octavia spent years working as a mental health advocate for youth in the community, as a youth ministry leader, and speaker for the community. She has worked to eliminate the mental health stigma in the workplace, schools and in the community. She has developed a strong desire to continue to advocate on behalf of those who struggle and teach prevention measures that could lead to mental health imbalance. Octavia has served as a mentor for young ladies all over to include Youth Challenge Academy.

Octavia holds a B.S. in Healthcare Administration, and a Six Sigma Black Belt from Georgia Tech. with numerous other certifications in the healthcare field.