Town Hall Series

In response to COVID-19, MHAG recognizes the unique challenges communities face including financial instability, isolation, anxiety, depression, high stress and grief and we are committed to promoting mental health recovery, resiliency, and wellness. MHAG will host five (5) virtual Behavioral Health Townhalls to engage community voice and explore recommendations for policy makers, community leaders, business leaders across industry. The town hall is intended to offer information and recommendations to support policies on the social determinants of Mental Health and Wellness. The intended audience for the townhalls are Georgia policy makers, county leaders and business leaders to learn how to support effective wellness strategies in their communities as we adjust to changes from the pandemic.

Several factors have been linked to mental health, including race and ethnicity, gender, age, income level, education level, sexual orientation, and geographic location. Social conditions— such as interpersonal, family, and community dynamics, housing quality, social support, employment opportunities, and work and school conditions—can also influence mental health risk and outcomes, both positively and negatively. MHAG seeks to bring awareness to the cross section of social determinants of health and mental well-being.

To maintain the health and safety of panelist and audience members during this time, all townhalls will be held virtually via Zoom. Each session will be recorded for distribution and streamed live on Facebook to expand reach across the State.

Below you will find the topics to be explored from local residents in Georgia and experts in the field. Click the title to register.

No planned events, please check back soon.