Leadership Empowerment & Access Program (LEAP)

The Leadership Empowerment and Access Program (LEAP) is a training program designed to improve skills in professional development, leadership and personal resiliency for youth and young adults, 16 – 26 years old. LEAP participants master the ability to analyze strengths and weaknesses, set and achieve personal and vocational goals through the training tracks outlined below.

This training program offers training to youth and young adults on mental wellness, self-empowerment, personal growth, and life-skills on their journey to achieve desired vocational goals. Participants have the opportunity to complete any or all of the trainings found in the three tracks outlined in the link below, as well as yearly special events.

See full list of available sessions and events here.

Program Eligibility 

  • Ages of 16-26
  • Participants are encouraged to have access to digital and virtual platforms in order to complete trainings.
  • LEAP is a voluntary program; therefore, the participant must willingly participate fully in all activities.
  • Participant must be a US Georgia Resident.
  • Participant must be physically and mentally capable to participate in the program with reasonable accommodations for physical and other disabilities. MHAG is not a treatment provider therefore accommodations must be supported by an external provider.

If you are interested in supporting youth and young adults and would like to  become a LEAP Volunteer, please contact Malia Bannister at LEAP@mhageorgia.org.