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Exposure to mental health is at an all-time high with national news surrounding many beloved public figures succumbing to the challenges of mental health through suicide. According to a recent report from the CDC, the United States has seen suicide rates increase by 30 percent, while Georgia’s overall suicide rates have increased by 16 percent. Mental health knows no race, creed, or religion and is not limited to individuals that fit our perception of what mental illness looks like. Mental health can be impacted by our day to day i.e. anxiety someone experiences while driving in heavy traffic or a diagnosis of depression that impairs our ability to manage our daily activities.

As one of the oldest non-profits dedicated to mental wellness in the state, Mental Health America of Georgia (MHA of GA) needs your support to advance our mission through education, outreach, and advocacy. We have fought alongside many partners for many years to eliminate stigma associated with mental illness and increase access to behavioral health services and supports.  We work effortlessly to cultivate and strengthen relationships with state’s legislators, behavioral health providers, stakeholders, community partners, and members to help ensure that education about prevention and early intervention is spread throughout our state.

Mental Health America is proud to offer a comprehensive program that offers multiple levels of benefits with increased visibility for our partners. Don’t miss the opportunity to reach out and network with mental health advocates in Georgia.

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