Kento Arendt

Program Manager
(404) 282-8071

Kento joined Mental Health America of Georgia immediately following his graduation from Emory University.  As a young German-Japanese immigrant into the US, Kento quickly experienced first-hand many of the problems associated with mental health education and support in America. Limited access, language barriers, and cultural/racial factors immediately impacted his ability to talk and do something about it. While at Emory, Kento’s bachelors in neuroscience, behavioral biology, and anthropology broadened and increased his exposure to the ever-evolving world of mental health care. Through his work researching men’s mental health, providing support as a Resident Assistant, and starting initiatives to reduce wellness disparities on campus, Kento has nurtured and grown his passion for mental health support.

In the future, Kento plans to develop a large-scale, culturally sensitive program for the support of men’s and new fathers’ mental health. He believes that such education will foster the growth of a base of healthy, present, and stable husbands and fathers to nurture the generations to come.