Mental Health Hero – Rebecca Galla-Jones

Mental Health Hero – Rebecca Galla-Jones
January 10, 2021

This month’s mental health hero is Rebecca Galla-Jones, the owner of The Yoga Hive in Druid Hills. Rebecca is donating one free yoga at her studio to anyone who makes a donation to Mental Health America of Georgia in the month of January. The class can be redeemed virtually or in person. We are so excited and grateful to partner with Rebecca for this cause. I had the pleasure of sitting down with her to discuss why she has chosen MHAG to support with her gift.

The Yoga Hive has two important mission statements. The first being #YouBelongHere and the second #YogaForEverydayPeople. One of the first things Rebecca shared with me is her dedication to weaving a message into her teaching. Her vision for her studio is to reach those who are not the cookie cutter view of a “yogi” and bring yoga to their lives in a safe, welcoming, and accessible way. She is passionate that yoga is not just for the young, or for the fit, despite what many mainstream media portrays.

Specifically, Rebecca tries to remind those in her studio that “All we need is someone to tell us we are okay, and that what we are doing is okay. We all have struggles, though they may not be the same ones.”

That is something that MHAG and The Yoga Hive have in common. Much like Rebecca said about her studio, mental health is something that also impacts all people. Though the struggles are often universal; symptoms, experiences, and coping strategies differ across age, social, gender identity, and racial groups. MHAG is dedicated to catering our education and resources to all Georgians, because mental health can also affect anyone and everyone. It is this commitment to a diverse approach that spoke to Rebecca, as she aims to create a similar system of support at The Yoga Hive.

We hope you take the time to visit both Mental Health America and The Yoga Hive’s page, explore what we have to offer, and take advantage of the wonderful gift Rebecca is providing this year. Any donation to MHAG will result in an emailed and texted coupon (received within 48 hours), that can be used to redeem one free drop in class at The Hive Yoga.

To make a donation, click here.